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Unrealized Designs

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged

Daniel begins in a button down shirt and jeans. To translate this into an Elizabethan style, Daniel would put his collar up, put on a large singlet, and change into knee high boots that would make his jeans puffy.

To transform Jess' corduroys, polo, and vest in his Elizabethan counterpart, he will button his vest to represent a doublet, tie on longer sleeves, pop his collar, and change his shoes.

Adam begins in the audience, wearing a white t-shirt, a blue/gray zip up hoodie, and khakis. He would then zip up his hoodie, again to represent a doublet, pull on his breeches, and button the bottom of his khakis tighter to indicate tights.

Lion in Winter

Here the classic characters from Lion in Winter have been removed from their original time period, and transported to feudal Japan. 

Henry the II becomes a Daimyo

Eleanor of Aquitaine becomes Seithitsu

Richard the I becomes a Samurai

Geoffrey becomes a Kugyo

Alais Capet becomes a Geisha